Saturday, May 25

Product Review: Victoria's Secret Pure Daydream Mist

Hello Girls!

Hope you all are doing great:) Well I'm just back from a holiday and have been really busy attending my cousins wedding. I don't know what is it with me, I have been obsessed with body mists. So while i was in UAE i picked a few of them from Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body works. Reviews will be coming up soon:)

Today I am going to review Victoria's Secret Pure Daydream mist. Its from VS's fantasies collection.

Product Description:

Delight in Pure Day dream, a bright blend of fresh pearl orchids and pink currant. This refreshing fragrance is from the Victoria's Secret Fantasies collection is infused with conditioning aloe vera and calming chamomile.

My thoughts about the product:

For some reason i have loved Victoria's Secret. And their mists, body washes, hand creams, body lotions smell so good that you just cannot resist. I was at Abu Dhabi Victoria's Secret store and my eyes fell on this and pure seduction(review coming sooon). Well i could not resist the smell and the color.Yes i can never ignore anything pink. The bottle was such a pretty one and is travel friendly.

This mist has the fragrance of pearl orchids and pink currents. Its a fruity-floral fragrance which is quite refreshing. I think its absolutely great for summers. It also has aloe vera which doesn't dry your skin too much.


1. Refreshing fragrance perfect for summer.
2. Packaging is super cute.
3. Plastic bottle, travel friendly.
4. Contains aloe vera
5. Good staying power.


1. Ingredient list makes me scared.
2. Availability in India. 

Will i purchase this again?

A little goes a long way, so I may try their newer collections.

Overall Verdict:

Love the fruity-floral fragrance perfect for super hot humid summer.



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