Tuesday, May 14

Few things I learnt from MAC technique course!

Hello girlies!

Here i will share a few things i learnt during my MAC Technique class in Bangalore, India

  • Great makeup begins with great skincare. It is important to follow a good skincare regime from an early age. Cleansing, moisturizing and SPF protection are the essentials for all skin tones and complexions.
  • Any concealer can act as  foundation and is essential for color correcting. Simply blend some of your favourite moisturizer with concealer to thin it out and apply.
  • Loose powders are ideal for setting foundation at home, and will always achieve a more silky finish.
  • Compacts powders are a must-haves for touch-ups in makeup bags.
  • Learning how to manipulate a lash curler is a technique that should be mastered, and is the secret for open, refreshed looking eyes.
  • Paying attention to details such as perfecting skin, grooming and sculpting brows, and  properly applying mascara are the keys to all successful makeup application.
  • Underestimating how to highlight and contour your features seamlessly is the backbone to every makeup application.
  • Keeping your application focused and light handed will help you to execute different looks with success, while teaching you how to layer and blend products.. the key to a beautiful, long lasting make up.
Hope this post was useful!

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