Monday, July 22

Product Review: Parachute Gold Coconut Hair Cream

Post by Suryatapa C.

I have thin hair which tends to get oily towards the scalp and dry towards the ends. Typical conditioners tend to make my scalp even more oily or I end up having an issue with the product residue. So, I was looking for a hair cream which could be used as a leave-in moisturiser, conditioner, detangler and also something with less product build-up and that's when I found Parachute Gold Coconut Hair Cream which claims to provide extra nourishment to the hair.

Parachute has always been a trusted brand for hair care products and I have never heard anything in contrary! Most of their products have a coconut base and coconut is known to have abundance of moisturising properties. So I decided to try this out.

Product Description: 

Parachute Gold Extra Nourishment Coconut Hair Cream is a protein and coconut oil enriched formulation which guarantees deep nourishment to all layers of your hair, to restore its natural health and beauty. Its natural ingredients make it ideal for daily nourishment that will keep your hair soft & shiny.

- Penetrates up to 100% of all hair layers
- 2X Improved protection against hair breakage
- 2X Reduction in hair fall

Price: Approx 3.00 USD (This product is Made in India, I bought it from an Indian store in US)


Direction to Use:

Take a small amount, spread on your palms and smooth it out on clean damp hair from root to tip. I concentrate more towards the length of my hair and the tip as that goes dry more easily. Style and groom as usual.

My take on  Parachute Gold Coconut Hair Cream: 

This product keeps up to its promise. I do feel a nourishment and moisture balance in my hair and I don't even have to use a conditioner. I have never had the problem of hair breakage but I did notice some reduction in my hair fall. I like the way it gives right amount of conditioning without weighing down my hair.
The product usage says for best results, use everyday. But I use it on alternate days only after hair wash as after a few uses I felt it was rather heavy to be used everyday on my hair.


1. No frizz or fly aways.
2. Makes hair soft and adds shine.
3. Hair fall is reduced.
4. It is fairly inexpensive.


1. No nozzle. The cream is in a bucket :(

2. The smell may seem to be a little too over bearing at first, but it tends to mild down and doesn't linger long.


If you are looking for a good go-to product for your hair needs, definitely I will recommend to give this a try. It works great on oily-normal hair. I feel with the right amount it will work well on dry hair too.
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