Sunday, May 12

China Glaze Pool Party (neon) Review and Swatches


I have a love/hate relationship with brights and neons. I LOVE wearing them in the summer but I HATE photographing them. They are just so hard to capture. Neons just never translate on screen so it’s really hard for me to show you what you’re getting. So here I am going to review China Glaze's Pool Party.

This is an in-your-face neon pink nail polish. A perfect color to wear during summer. Because its so bright, its fun to wear and lifts up my mood. Pool party is a crazy bright like a pink highlighter marker. 

About the application, it takes 3 coats to get a perfectly opaque matte finish. Also this dries so quick  like few seconds. This neon pink looks even better if applied on a white base coat.


1. The color. C'mon it wont go unnoticed at any point.
2. Dries super quick and that too into matte finish.
3. The brush is good so application is so easy.
4.Free of DBP,Toluene & added Formaldehyde.

1. It chips after 2 days or so:(
2. You need 3-4 coats to make them opaque.

Overall Verdict:
I would ignore the cons because i love the color so so much and I rarely wear any nail polish for more than 3 days weird i know:P


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