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MAC Technique Smokey Eyes Step by Step Instruction

Hello girlies!!!

Hope you girls are doing fantastic. So what you girls loving?? I am again into this smokey eyes. I have this special place for MAC Cosmetics, probably because they have such amazing SA's and loaaads of make up to chose from. I was at MAC store to try some makeup that's when the SA told me about their makeup tutorial. I was excited because trust me I had no idea about how to get the smokey eyes look.

So today this post is going to be a step by step instructions to achieve the smokey eyes look and a few tips that i learnt during my classes.

Its quite simple to achieve this smokey eyes look.

Face makeup
Step 1: Cleanse and tone your skin. This is absolutely important before you start your makeup.

Step 2: Moisturize!! Yeah this is how you prepare your skin. A well moisturized skin holds makeup and also  it becomes really easy to apply makeup.
*oily skin beauties use water based moisturizer.

Step 3: Primer.This almost evens out the skin. Use a pea size on your t-zone and blend on the rest of the face. Use your hand for this.

Step 4: Concealer. Use this under your eyes or any spots you want to conceal.
*always use concealer in the same shade or  shade darker to give a natural look.

Step 5: Foundation. Use you hands or foundation brush to apply the foundation. Always use the right shade to give a more natural look. Use dusting powder to give a glow.

Step 6: Blush. If you are using a powder based blush, first dust powder over foundation then apply the blush with  blush brush with strokes towards the temple.
*Tips: If you are using a creamy blush use it soon after using foundation, then use the dusting powder.

Smokey Eyes Tutorial.

Step 1: Use Mac Smoulder Eye Kohl on your lash line and using a brush (Mac 217) blend it well. Also apply it on the lower lash line and smudge it a bit.

Step 2: Apply Folie Eye shadow over the eyelids and blend it well for the subtle smokiness.

MAC Folie is  reddish plum color, 2nd eye shadow in the pic above, carbon is black eye shadow its is the 4th one.
Step 3: Apply Carbon Eye Shadow sparingly on the inner and outer corners of the eyelid to intensify the look.

Step 4: Then add shimmer on the center of the eyelid. Use Mac Sable eye shadow

Step 5:  Use graph black on the water line.
*Tip: Go with shorter strokes to give a darker finish.
Step 6: Use impeccable brow pencil. Use with a light touch to define a sculpt the brows. Follow with clear brow set to groom brows.

Step 7: Mascara. Zoomblack Zoom lash mascara, after curling lashes, apply two to three coats of zoomblack upper and lower lashes.

Lip Makeup:

Step 1: Use Lip conditioner. This hydrates and prepares the lips for color application.

Step 2: Use Lip liner, use with light touch to define and contour lips.

Step 3: Apply a nude lip gloss over the lips for glossy finish.

I hope you enjoyed the post. Do try it and leave a comment below.


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