Thursday, September 5

Product Review: Nivea Body Lotion Nourishing

I have this weird problem, my face is very oily and my body is dry.. I always look out for ultra rich moisturiser, and this Nivea Body Lotion has been my ahhMAZING body lotion and have been using this for years!! 

Product Description:

NIVEA nourishing body milk supplies your skin with even more long-lasting moisture, leaving it smooth and making it less dry. 

Enriched with natural minerals, caring almond oil, vitamin E and even more moisturizers it works in harmony with skin.

  • Activates more natural moisture in the skin.
  • Effectively prevents the skin from drying out.
  • Perceptibly reduces roughness.
Skin compatibility dermatologically proven.

Direction for use:

Massage all over the body in circular motions daily for beautifully firm skin.

Price: AED 19 i think

My Views on Nivea Body Lotion Nourishing:

If i have to describe this body lotion in one word, I would say its awesomeness!! This is one product that i have never replaced from my skin care routine. Generally my skin is extremely dry sometimes and sometimes its pretty good. So this body lotion is rich and instantly boosts the moisture in the skin. 

The texture is between thick and runny. It absorbs into the skin in 2-3 mins not leaving the skin sticky at all. The 100ml bottle is quite travel friendly but the 500ml bottle is quite bulky. Its a classic blue sturdy plastic bottle with a pump that can be locked.

The lotion gives best results when used on slightly damp skin. I use it soon after shower, it makes my skin soft and supple. I love this body lotion!!


1. Very nourishing body lotion.
2. Adds instant moisture and makes the skin soft and supple.
3. Sturdy packaging
4. Inexpensive considering the quality.
5. The texture is between think and runny.




This is one kick ass body lotion, instantly adds moisture to the skin and makes it soft and supple. With regular use it does not over dry the skin or cause any irritation.
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