Wednesday, September 25

Product Review: De Fabulous Ginger Energizing Shampoo

Product Description:

This energizing shampoo leaves the hair and scalp clean, shiny, bouncy and manageable. It stimulates and dilates blood vessels creating an increase in blood flow to the scalp dryness and leaves the hair soft. Reduces hair static and works great through humidity.


Massage and lather into wet hair from ends o scalp and rinse.

Price: Rs. 975 for 300 ml.


P.S. This shampoo is sulphate free!

My views on De Fabulous Ginger Energizing Shampoo:

Let me be honest! I had no clue about sulphate free shampoos. As long as the shampoo made my hair soft, less frizzy and manageable i was extremely happy. I also got keratin treatment done for my hair, but its kind of hard to maintain the hair in humid conditions. I was suggested so many wrong things that i ended up with hair fall, frizziness and ultimate dryness at the ends! Absolutely clueless as to why this was happening i decided to go for a hair spa. The stylist there was extremely polite and had very good knowledge about hair.

After examining my hair, all he had to say is my hair is naturally healthy with lesser tendency to break, but wrong usage of shampoo/conditioner on chemically treated hair had caused the damage. First thing everyone should know is that, NEVER EVER use a shampoo that has sulphate on chemically treated hair. Always chose a sulphate free shampoo.

When he suggested me the shampoo from De Fabulous Range I was like which brand is this? Is it good? I had my questions and it was priced at 975 bucks. I did not want to spend so much on a brand I absolutely had no clue about. He knew what he was talking and he was like use it to see the results. To know more about the brand please check the website HERE

After using this shampoo, I have started liking it but not loving it yet. I feel this shampoo cleanses my hair and makes it squeaky clean, and makes it soft. Keeps the frizz under control too but my dry ends are still the same! Sigh. The days i feel lazy to follow up with a conditioner, the shampoo isn't that effective. But I absolutely love how it takes of all the oil (when i get an oil massage), and no I dont rinse it twice. It has not stopped my hair fall but its reduced ever since i have started using this.

About the packaging, nothing too fancy. A simple white bottle with mustard flip open cap. The shampoo smells like ginger and is golden brown in color. It gives a nice tingling sensation everytime is use it. Its kinda nice actually.


1. Sulphate Free Shampoo.
2. Makes my hair squeaky clean.
3. Makes my hair soft and keeps frizz under control in spite of the humidity.
4. Hair fall is under control.
5. Take of all the oil in just a wash.


1. Does nothing for my dry ends.
2. Needs to be followed up with conditioner for better results.
3. Pricey!


I will totally recommend this shampoo to any one chemically treated or not. Its sulphate free and I love that fact.Keeps frizz under control and hair soft and silky.!

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