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Kiehl's Skin Rescuer Stress-Minimizing Daily Hydrator: Press Release

Kiehl‘s offers a breakthrough solution to help correct the visible signs of stress on skin introducing Kiehl's Skin Rescuer.

How it works?

Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer actively works to minimize the visible signs of stress with key ingredients that limit the release of stress signals and promote a healthy, strong skin barrier. This result is that skin becomes less vulnerable to the signs of stress.

How it works: A triple action formula to break skin’s stress cycle In order to efficiently combat the signs of stress on skin, Kiehl’s chemists discovered they needed to address three factors.

1. Limit the release of stress signals: 

Rosa Gallica Extract: Stress is well documented to cause an inflammatory response in the body. A research team led by Carnegie Mellon University's Sheldon Cohen has found that chronic psychological stress is even associated with the body losing its ability to regulate the inflammatory response. The inflammatory response to stress signals and a weakened skin barrier can lead to visible “stressed skin” symptoms such as redness, fatigued skin, dehydration and blotchiness. In vitro data supports that Rosa Gallica Extract, sourced from the petals of the Rosa Gallica flower, limits the release of stress signals, in turn minimizing the inflammatory response and thus breaking the stress cycle. 

2. Protect the skin barrier from future reactions:

Mannose: Research conducted by Columbia University’s Department of Dermatology validates 2 that it is able to strengthen and reinforce the skin barrier. A stronger skin barrier is known to reduce visible signs of stress on skin, making it less vulnerable to future, inevitable stress. Squalane: Naturally-derived from olives, this healing botanical lipid is highly compatible with the natural oils in skin. Instantly restores and replenishes the skin barrier and is known to protect skin from dehydration. Renowned for its easily-absorbed texture, as well as for its silky after-feel. Blend of Unique Ceramides: These lipids found in high concentrations within the cell membrane of skin cells are known to help protect and strengthen the skin barrier. 

3. Treat, calm and hydrate the skin: 

Chamomile Extract: Helps soothe and calm skin. Glycerin: This humectant draws moisture from the air to increase immediate and prolonged hydration; helps skin regain its suppleness and smoothness. Shea Butter: Naturally-derived from the African karate tree, it is a lipid known for its ability to protect skin from dehydration.

Key Ingredients:

Clinically demonstrated to reduce the visible signs of stressed skin 

Clinical tests showed improvement at one week, but the clinical improvement shown at four weeks demonstrated the Skin Rescuer formula effectively minimized the appearance of dehydration, redness, blotchiness and skin fatigue.
  • 100% showed improvement in overall skin quality with a +51% improvement rate vs. baseline.
  • 100% showed improvement in skin fatigue with a +48% improvement rate vs. baseline.
  • 98% showed improvement in skin dryness with a +41 improvement rate vs. baseline.
  • 98% showed improvement in skin blotchiness with a +36% improvement rate vs. baseline.
  • 77% showed improvement in skin redness with a +23% improvement rate vs. baseline.

Consumer self assessment in 4 weeks:

  • 93% agreed skin felt soothed.
  • 93% agreed skin felt comforted.
  • 91% agreed skin felt revitalized/ replenished.
  • 89% agreed product helped skin feel less susceptible to stress.
Price: INR 2500 f0r 75 ml.

*press release

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