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Maybelline Cheeky Glow in Fresh Coral Review

Product Description:

Cheeky glow blush for cheeks that glow with a natural finish.

Ultra light weight, silky, blendable powders. Meet the new blush on the block. So silky and smooth, it blends flawlessly for the most natural finish. Soft texture for a natural hue. Easily blends with your skin color. Comes with 3 fresh colors for your pretty ski: Creamy Cinnamon, Fresh Coral & Peachy Sweetie.

Price: Rs. 225 for 7 g.

My views on Maybelline Cheeky Glow in Fresh Coral:

Maybelline has been my ultimate favorite drugstore brand! Though I wanted to get fresh coral right from the start, the availability was a big issue. I ended up picking Peachy Sweetie which I love! And when i found Fresh Coral I knew I wanted it. These Cheeky Glow Blushes are so tiny and such pretty colors that actually make me want to have more! Creamy Cinnamon will definitely be added to my blush collection!! 

Cheeky Glow blushes come in very cute packaging (not very fancy though!), which is tiny and girly. But don't go by the tiny size, it holds 7 grams of product!! It comes with transparent cover which makes it easy to locate the blush. When you see Peachy Sweetie and Fresh Coral they almost look so similar. Fresh coral is a bit brighter, the color is a beautiful Warm Coral Pink, this is more of coral and less of pink. Fresh Coral has no shimmer and it is perfectly matte. The color is very flattering for Indian skin tones. The blush brightens up the face giving a nice pink flush to the cheeks. The texture is soft and smooth unlike most powder blushes. Though not very heavily pigmented, 2-3 light strokes gives a nice warm flush to my cheeks. I love how this blush blends effortlessly without looking patchy. 

The only downside is the staying power.. I am totally blaming my oily skin for it!! The blush lasts for as less as 3 hours. :( but might last a bit longer on girls with normal-dry skin. But when the blush fades away it does not look patchy at all. You need too keep reapplying it every 3 hours or so. However if you are looking out for a long lasting blush then this might be a tad-bit disappointing. Another good thing about the blush is it does not come with any brush(aren't all the brushes that come with the blush useless!)

Its the most affordable blush in the market that has not compromised on the quality of the product. I have a very sensitive skin and tends to break out if the products that are harsh but this is so ahhmazing!

The blush is best teamed with coral lips!


Maybelline Cheeky Glow blush in Fresh Coral is a warm coral pink. This particular shade is very flattering to the Indian Skin. The finish is matte, 2-3 light swipes are required for a nice warm flush on the cheeks. It blends effortlessly without feeling patchy. The quality is very promising and this blush is worth owning!

Fresh Coral Vs Peachy Sweetie

Don't they look very similar? Except the fresh coral is more coral and peachy sweetie is more pink and has very tiny micro shimmers that does not transfer on the cheeks.

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