Tuesday, March 17

New Products on Trial #3

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye, Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing skin Refinisher, Essie nail polish in madison ave hue

Its been a while since I wrote a  post, and that's because I have zero concentration of late. No matter how hard I try to concentrate on something, I fail. But now I am trying to focus on things that make me happy (blogging does!) and hopefully will write more often than before. 

I have purchased a few skincare and makeup stuff lately that I have been trying, so here's a post on whats new in my stash!
First up is an eye cream from Kiehl's - Midnight Recovery Eye ($36), now the main reason for the purchase is their cult product Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I have had this for 2-3 weeks and sincerely applied it every single day. I cant totally see the difference in my dark circles and my under eye area has become a lot more smoother. 

Another product that I have been using for a couple of weeks now is again from Kiehl's - Powerful - Strength Line -Reducing Concentrate ($60). I am in my late 20's which means - time to include anti-ageing serums in my skincare routine. Now this one claims to fight signs of ageing while improving the overall texture of the skin. I did find an overall improvement in my complexion and my skin feels a lot more soft and supple.

Now this one came as a recommendation from my best friend Krithi. She knows exactly how my skin is and what I really need. My main concern has to be horrendous pores, they are there to show me how careless I was in my teenage days. Now this one claims to reduce the size of the pores and I decided to give Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher ($54) a try. Pricey yes! But if it can reduce the size of my pores I would have no regrets. This is a very recent buy, but so far so good.

I love nail polishes, and if they are from Essie then I love them a little more. I don't know what is it with Essie nail polishes but I want to have them all someday. The recent purchase is Madison Ave-Hue, a total spring shade (was a part of the spring collection in '13). Its a beautiful purple-y pink with teeny tiny silver shimmer. Pretty! 

What are your new picks?
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