Sunday, January 18

Skincare favourites for colder months!

Antipodes vanilla pod hydrating day cream, pai Rosehip  bioGenerate oil, origins high potency night a mins cream

I hope you'll are having a fantastic weekend! I am just lazing around watching movies and sipping on hot chocolate! PERFECT kind of a weekend. 

As I have already mentioned my skin has a mind of its own, while sometimes it just behaves well but the rest of the time it makes me run around for help! I stay in a place where there is no such thing like winter (coastal side), it's just summer or monsoon (Pretty blah kind of weather). But this year it's kind of cold which actually made my skin pretty dry. Honestly, dry skin problem is pretty bad because makeup ends up looking patchy and skin becomes so rough that screams for hydration. 

I really tried hard to make my skin come back to normal, I did drink a lot of water and tried to  maintain a healthy diet yet my skin just did not get any better. I am not exaggerating when I claim that Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Cream was like magic in a jar. Though the texture of the cream is on the thicker side, it did not look greasy and sinked into my skin quickly. Not only did it improve my skin in just couple of uses, it also cleared my skin. Absolutely love it!

For the night time, I used just 2 products which I absolutely love. On days when my skin feels dry and rough, I pat on few drops of the Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil and follow it up with Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins else I just use the oil. I absolutely love the combo! I wake up with much more supple and fresh looking skin. I have seen that Pai oil helps in reducing breakouts which is why I haven't seen too many breakouts for the past few days. It also improves the texture of the skin. Will do a full blog post on it soon. 

What are your favorite skincare products for the colder months. Would love to know!
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