Friday, January 16

Sachajuan Professional Haircare

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Hello Girls!

I hope you had a fantastic week. Mine was pretty much good except for the very bad cold that I am suffering from for the past 2 weeks or so. And also I want to take blogging more seriously, so I have been planning what to post etc. I will try and post more regularly and try out more product both high-end and drugstore. 

And while I was going through my blog I realised that I haven't covered much about hair and that's because I am super lazy when it comes to hair. Also I don't really spend on shampoo's and conditoner's only because I feel they all gave the same result. I have long wavy hair that gets extremely tangly and frizzy and becomes so unmanageable that I end up tying a high pony (meh!). I wanted something to take care of it and let me be honest I did not expect any miracles when I ordered Sachajuan Haircare range. I did read a lot of reviews but again what suits someone else might not necessarily suit me right? 

Anyhoo, I picked up a shampoo, conditioner and a leave-in conditioner from my absolute favourite online shopping site CultBeauty.

Sachajuan Dry Hair Shampoo (£18),  from the description this shampoo was meant for me. I have used it on its own and did not like it as much as I like it when I follow it up with the conditioner. Now the thing is when I use it on my own, it does add a  lot of shine and makes my hair glossy but my ends feel dry and scream for moisture. While it was entirely a different story when I used it along with the conditioner. My hair felt soft, shiny and so healthy. My hair looked lovely on it own without a blow dry. The shampoo does remove all the gunk and keeps the scalp really clean. I haven't noticed any kind of hair fall due to this.

Sachajuan Dry Hair Conditioner (£20), I absolutely love this stuff! This has been a game changer in my haircare routine. I love how it tames down my frizzy hair, adding a lot of moisture to it without weighing it down. My hair feels incredibly soft and healthy. I have tried using it with the shampoo from the range as well as any random shampoo and both ways the result is pretty awesome. The conditioner has a thick consistency, easy to apply and rinse.

Sachajuan Leave in Conditioner (£22), for me this is a STAR product. Just spritz this through your hair and run your fingers through and your locks will look much better. The leave in conditioner is to be used on towel dried hair or on dry hair. It works well both the ways. I have seen that this stuff keeps frizziness at bay and locks in a lot of moisture without weighing down the hair. I also find that it detangles my hair and makes the whole brushing my hair process a lot more easier.

Overall, I am mostly going to pick up this range again and also I have an eye on Sachajuan Hair Repair which seems to have so many good reviews. I would highly recommend leave-in conditioner because its really worth every penny and its gonna last long.

Have you tried the anything from the brand before and if you have any recommendations please let me know.

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