Wednesday, November 20

Product Review: FabIndia Rose Facial Water

Rose water has been a 'must have' in my skincare routine. What makes me very fond of the rose water is they are versatile. I can use this as a toner or just to mix my face pack or just keep cotton pads soaked in rose water on eyes for an instant brightening! I bought this FabIndia Rose Facial Water because its 100% plant based soothing water and the brand is cruelty-free.

I was all excited when I bought this to use it as a toner but it did not work that well on my acne prone oily skin. I was disappointed because I had a few break outs and was always scared to use it again. I kept this bottle stored in my fridge and would spray some on cotton rounds and place it over my eyes and it did the job of de-puffing my eyes i just 5 minutes I loved that it did not irritate my eyes. The fragrance of the rose water is pretty mild so it wont bother me.

And now since the weather is getting a bit cooler i started developing dry patches on my nose so I decided to go ahead grab some courage and use this and wolaa! it worked just fine. Did add a bit of moisture on my dry patches. I came to a conclusion that this is a good stuff for someone who has normal/dry skin type.

The packaging is pretty yet simple. It comes in a clear plastic bottle with a spray nozzle. Its a very handy packaging the one you can throw in your handbag and carry around everywhere.

Price: Rs. 175 for 100 ml.


1. Very moisturising which is great for dry skin.
2. Convenient packaging.
3. Affordable price.
4. Pure rose water.
5. Cruelty free brand.
6. Great for de-puffing the eyes.


1. Might not be great for oily skin. I broke out.


I think this is a great toner for dry skin, but not be great on oily skin as it makes the skin a tad bit oily and sticky. 

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