Saturday, November 23

Fragrance I am currently loving ~ Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean!

Today I want to show some love to Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean, this had been sitting on my dressing table for months now! This was a gift from an aunt though I loved it at start I kind of lost interest. And then I thought I should try it now because the humidity is taking its toll! And I started liking it....

I am a body mist person! I am not a major fan of perfumes but there are a few which I absolutely love. I love perfume fragrance based on mood...mostly I prefer wearing my floral or something very feminine. And there are days when I love wearing woody fragrance. If a floral fragrance and a woody fragrance had a baby then  it would be Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean. Though the woody fragrance overpowers the floral I find it very fresh and refreshing scent. I am currently loving it!!!
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