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My Top 6 High-End Lipstick Formula

My Top 6 High-End Lipstick Formula
My Top 6 High-End Lipstick Formula
Lipsticks are my OBSESSION!! These are the only things I don't feel guilty when I get a little too spendy! I remember walking into Sephora and checking out all the high-end brands and really had no clue on what was the trend or what was new! I picked up Dior lipstick from the Diorific range.. And now that I have tried couple of them, I decided to do my Top Favourites formula wise.

First up is a pure luxury, Tom Ford. This was my birthday present from the lovely Krithi (Check her blog here trust me your eyes will be pleased to see her collection), the shade I have is Indian Rose. Now that I have tried it, I can totally say that these are totally worth the rave! These are so gorgeous in black and gold case, the formula is outstanding. They are creamy, have medium pigmentation and are so comfortable on the lips. I am so eyeing other shades.

Next up is an absolute favourite of mine, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine. I think these are like some addiction you can never say that you have too many of these! These are so lovely and so easy to apply. They are as comfortable as a balm and super lightweight. Now the pigmentation is something that varies, they have some which are richly pigmented and the rest that are quite sheer. I like both the offerings but the sheer ones are just a little better.

Next up is YSL Rouge Volupte Shine, not only that they have the most gorgeous packaging but the formula is really really good. Their originals weren't something that I liked but Volupte Shine are nice! I have 3 shades from the range and all great. These are super glossy and semi-sheer, they are hydrating and long wearing too! Winner for me atleast plus they have a lovely shade selection.

This one is rather new and became quite a hit for me! I am talking about NARS Audacious lipsticks. They have frikin' forty shades to chose from and all of them are so wearable and pretty. The packaging too is stunning in all black with magnetic closure. The formula is something that is very impressive, these are creamy with a bit of sheen and are very very pigmented and are long wearing. They feel so light on the lips and are very comfortable too.

Estee Lauder Pure Envy lipsticks became an instant favourite! I love everything about the range, starting from the packaging to the shade selection. I have tried 2 shades from the range and both are so amazingly pigmented and apply evenly. They are again lightweight and long wearing.

And how can I not include Dior Addict Extremes in my favorites! They have medium pigmentation and last really long. They glide on like butter and are so hydrating and make my lips look a hundred times better. They have a brilliant shade selection too!

And those were my favourites! I would love to know what are your favourites. 

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