Monday, July 1

Product Review: L'Oréal Paris Color Riche Le Khôl in Frosted Silver

Hello Everyone!!

I was seriously wanting to own a silver eyeliner for a very long time. And when I found this I just wanted to grab it. I have love-hate relationship with L'Oréal Khôl because some really did not smudge and some were bad that I ended up looking like a witch. 

Product Description:

In 9 beautiful, wearable shades with a luxurious intense formula combining oil and wax. Color Riche Le Khôl softly glides over the eyelid allowing you to achieve a long-lasting and intense colour result. 

Price: Rs 350 for 1.6gms

My take on L'Oréal Paris Color Riche Le Khôl:

Frosted silver is a beautiful glittery silver eyeliner that glides like butter on eye lids. The packaging is quite cute. The application is easy and is nicely pigmented. I have really oily eyelids and this lasts for good 4-5 hours which is amaazing. It doesn't smudge at all. I love everything about it except the fact that I need to sharpen which means sometimes the tip can break:(


1. Gorgeous glittery silver. 
2. It glides on your eye lids like butter. 
3. Long lasting. 
4. Easy to take off. 


1. Care should be taken while sharpening because the tip is easily broken. 


A gorgeous silver color that's affordable and chic. 

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