Welcome to my world. My name is Fiona Furtado and I am based in India.

I am obsessed with makeup, skin care, accessories, DIY projects and home decor. I always loved reading makeup and beauty blogs and then I decided to start my own where I can share my love and obsession about makeup and skin care.
I love to talk about lipsticks that I am currently loving or mascara that I am addicted to or nail polishes that I keep changing! I also talk about skin care products that I have tried or Something that you can try on your own. So mostly my blog will be beauty related. But sometimes I am also gonna post home decor ideas along with accessories that I am obsessed with!

For Reference

I have oily to combination skin, acne prone and open pores. I get odd hormonal breakouts on my jawline.
My hair is naturally wavy, semi-thick, frizzy. My scalp gets oily really soon, but my ends are dry!!
Skin tone is Medium 

Please Note

Skin Care- Reviews are after testing the product for as long as it claims it needs to be used to see benefits.
Hair Care (shampoo/conditioner)- Reviews after trying it for  minimum 8 washes.
Hair Styling Products - Reviews after I have tried them atleast 3 times.

If you require any further information please get in touch with me  via email peachesandcorals@gmail.com

Thank You!

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